Making A Difference

We adopt a bottom-up approach starting with strategy support through discovery and analysis of existing systems and processes and their limitations maximizing the leverage of knowledge and results in higher value generation.

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XR EDGE :Extended Reality Solution

We have built AR and VR solutions for equipment training, maintenance training and weapons training. These solutions greatly reduce the cost of preparing soldiers to meet conditions that can’t be replicated in the real world outside of actual combat. Our AR based maintenance solutions have been applied in Army & Navy.

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PRASHIKSHAN: CV Based Training

It aims at automating & capturing data for physical training of the troops. It involves pose estimation, skeletal tracking for improving PT & drill. The RFID based BPET, PPT & Obstacle training helps in saving time & resources.

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Anti Drone Solution

Our AI based Anti-Drone System has integration of sensors, cameras, RFID, jammers that is facilitated and coordinated by Deep Learning classification algorithms. The FMCW radar automatically detects and tracks the drone while the camera

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Autonomous Surveillance and Tracking Rover is an unmanned ground vehicle comprising of several technologies that allow it to be self-acting and self-regulating, sans human intervention. The custom algorithm developed by Edgeforce integrates stereo vision, LIDAR and navigation sensors for autonomous operation. The software forms the heart of UGVs.

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Custom Firmware for Drones

We design and develop custom firmware for all types of flight controller units to be used in aerospace applications. The firmware adheres to all the standards required by Quality Control of India. Custom firmware is required for long range surveillance applications and for drones to be certified by DGCA.

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Integrated Security Solution

The custom solution is part of the overall integrated security and surveillance architecture. It involves AI based software which can classify different FLIR based night vision cameras and drone surveillance to give comprehensive security cover to vital installations.

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Vision on Edge

Our Edge-Vision solution uses optimization & quantization to port Machine Learning applications to Edge devices. This supports low bandwidths, real time applications which can be used for change detection, object detection, facial recognition and other such military applications.

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Radar Edge Device

The AI based Radar edge device facilitates the automation of the surveillance system based on radar signals and doppler frequencies and displays the target or external anomaly category on the screen. The exclusive advantage of the Edge device is that it augments the capability of the radar operator.

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AI Based Predictive Maintenance

Our predictive maintenance software solution can forecast RUL and machine anomalies. The sensors include temperature , vibration monitoring , pressure and other custom sensors. They are designed and tested to work in the extreme conditions of military equipment which makes them highly durable and reliable. The custom GUI gives real time inputs to the