We maintain a data-driven mindset all throughout the engagement, whether it is during strategy support phase or model development phase, and focus on utilization of big data and machine learning by empowered business users. We have capability to help evolve solutions that start as process automation to cognitive insight and finally cognitive engagement when systems work autonomously.

1. AR/VR

Edgeforce offers a solution to deploy, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) tools onboard to visualize and support the training and maintenance of products. Use this service to optimize your existing dependencies on human strength. Also, the AR headset makes it very convenient as it overlays the digital information on top of the physical world components. This makes it easy to understand and repair the component.

2.Mixed Reality

Mixed reality technology is becoming increasingly vital to the defense industry. It is allowing for unique applications that have already had a profound impact on militaries around the world.

Mixed reality technologies can help Defense increase their capabilities and preparedness by providing multiple advantages in the following areas:

3. Driving sim with VR 360

Driving Simulation With VR 360° in defense has become an increasingly sought after technology. Its use in the defence sector can simulate a wide range of driving situations and scenarios, allowing for a variety of training and assessment purposes. By using immersive technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality, users are able to experience a real-time environment and make decisions based on the information presented.


Physical training for the troops. RFID based BPET, PPT, Cross Country & Obstacle training