AI Solution For Transport And Logistics

We maintain a data-driven mindset all throughout the engagement, whether it is during strategy support phase or model development phase, and focus on utilization of big data and machine learning by empowered business users. We have capability to help evolve solutions that start as process automation to cognitive insight and finally cognitive engagement when systems work autonomously.


Critical Asset Tracking

Edgeforce offers solutions for Asset tracking system which is to track, monitor and control the asset in the vehicle using the modern gadgets like smartphones, tablets, computers, and other devices daily with the help of GPS satellites. Tracking asset will exert proper control over the fleet and gives access to extensive data that can be used in improving the operational efficiency and meet customer requirements.

Functionality of Asset tracking system
  • Real- time Monitoring
  • Vehicle Managementg
  • Route Tracking
  • User management
  • Anomaly Model
  • Expense Management & Reports
  • Container Status Data
  • Alerts & Messages
  • Mobile App & PIS
  • Geo Fencing
  • Report generation
  • Alert Creation
  • Capturing sensor data like, temperature, humidity, pressure etc.