Virtual Reality

Tank Engine Maintenance Training simulator

The Tank Engine Maintenance Training Simulator is an advanced virtual reality module specifically crafted for hands-on learning in the maintenance of tank engines. Within this simulator, users are immersed in a lifelike workshop environment, engaging in both assembly and disassembly activities to comprehend the intricate details of the tank engine. Utilizing interactive controls, trainees can manipulate and inspect individual engine components, while information panels deliver educational insights. Tailored for maintenance crews and soldiers, this module provides a risk-free yet practical training ground to cultivate essential skills in tank engine mechanics. Serving as a dynamic supplement to traditional training methods, it empowers users to develop proficiency in engine removal procedures. The inclusion of progress tracking ensures continuous improvement and skill refinement throughout the training process.

Heavy Vehicle maintenance

We have developed an innovative Heavy Vehicle Maintenance System in Virtual Reality (VR), revolutionizing the way maintenance procedures are taught and practised. This system provides an immersive experience by showcasing detailed, step-by-step vehicle maintenance processes in a virtual environment. Users can interact with the virtual representation of heavy vehicles, gaining hands-on experience in performing maintenance tasks. The VR platform allows users to explore and understand the intricacies of vehicle components, facilitating a comprehensive learning experience. From visualizing the inner workings of the engine to simulating real-time maintenance procedures, our VR system offers a dynamic and engaging approach to training. This technology not only enhances the efficiency of learning but also ensures that individuals acquire practical skills in heavy vehicle maintenance through an immersive and realistic virtual setting.

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Multi - Mode Normal/Offensive Simulator

Edgeforce has delivered highly immersive car simulation solutions, meticulously designed to replicate the nuanced performance of specific models such as Mahindra Scorpio and Tata Safari. These simulations, crafted for realistic training experiences, ensure users are thoroughly prepared for various driving scenarios. Our driving simulator not only features accurate renditions of Mahindra Scorpio and Tata Safari but also includes diverse drive modes and terrains, encompassing City Mode, Forest Mode, and Mountain Mode. In each scenario, users undergo evaluation and receive a graded score, providing valuable feedback on their driving proficiency.

Welding Simulator

Our VR welding simulator transforms industrial training with immersive experiences in MIG, TIG, and Arc welding, enhancing skills and understanding. Featuring multiple welding methods, a progress tracking scoring system, and a collaborative multiplayer mode, it caters to various skill levels. Moreover, the VR integration with the welding machine creates a lifelike experience emulating real-world welding conditions.VR welding simulator signifies a significant advancement in welding training, nurturing a deeper grasp and proficiency in diverse welding techniques. With a dedication to excellence and user-centric design, our simulator stands as a pillar in the progression of welding education and training, empowering users to master welding with precision and confidence.

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Weapon Handling Simulator(In Progress)

Our Virtual Reality (VR) Weapon Handling Simulation, a groundbreaking training solution seamlessly integrating the physical and virtual realms. Trainees utilize actual replicas of firearms as controllers, immersing themselves in an authentic experience of weapon handling. The VR environment replicates precise 3D models of the firearms, enabling hands-on practice with various techniques in a secure and controlled setting. This innovative approach ensures a realistic learning experience, enhancing muscle memory and proficiency in weapon handling. The integration of physical replicas with virtual scenarios offers a distinctive and effective training method, allowing users to master skills with precision and confidence. Additionally, the simulation evaluates the trainee's proficiency by placing them in diverse virtual war situations, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of their abilities in realistic and challenging scenarios.

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