Mixed Reality

AI-Based Virtual Radar Maintenance Assistant

The Mixed Reality (MR) Radar Maintenance System is a solution designed for naval ship operations. In this system, users can engage in real-time communication with an intelligent chatbot to address any queries or concerns regarding the ship's radar. Users can ask about radar issues, receive detailed answers, and obtain step-by-step guidance on radar maintenance procedures. The immersive MR environment provides a seamless interface, allowing technicians and naval personnel to visualize and troubleshoot radar components effectively. This system enhances operational efficiency by offering instant support, ensuring optimal radar functionality, and empowering users with the knowledge and skills needed for effective radar maintenance on board naval ships.

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Land mine Detection Simulator

The Mixed Reality (MR) Land Mine Detection Simulator provides an immersive training experience for individuals using MR headsets. In this simulated environment, users can practice landmine detection techniques within a realistic setting. The simulator utilizes MR technology to replicate various terrains, allowing trainees to visually identify and mark potential landmines. The system provides haptic feedback and interactive elements to simulate the detection process, fostering skill development in a safe and controlled virtual environment. This simulator is a valuable training tool for individuals involved in mine detection, offering a risk-free platform to enhance their abilities, improve detection accuracy, and increase overall preparedness in challenging situations.