Defence & Aerospace

We maintain a data-driven mindset all throughout the engagement, whether it is during strategy support phase or model development phase, and focus on utilization of big data and machine learning by empowered business users. We have capability to help evolve solutions that start as process automation to cognitive insight and finally cognitive engagement when systems work autonomously.

1. Change Detection In Satellite Imagery

Object detection in satellite imagery uses AI to detect various types of objects using the satellite images.

Attack using unidentified objects is a high probability these days. To minimize it, we use AI based software that constantly identifies various objects into various categories and also according to their risk factor. It is done using the continuous feed provided by the satellite. It not only alerts if any object of high risk is encountered but also pin-points its exact location and suggests an appropriate measure as well.

2. Anti-drone system

Drones are rapidly becoming part of modern lives. Starting from film photography to delivery of life-saving drugs, drone based innovative applications are being used. Parallelly, their potential is used for adversarial operations like surveillance missions or direct bombing itself. We at Edgeforce hence came up with cutting edge product to counter drone.

3. Autonomous Platform

We make autonomous platforms that operate on land without an onboard human operator. They are used for a wide variety of both civilian and military applications, particularly in environments that are hazardous or unpleasant to humans and for tasks that are difficult, dull or pose unacceptable risks.

This platform can be remotely controlled via a handheld or fixed control station or operate autonomously. It can travel between pre-defined waypoints, or roam throughout the environment to execute their mission. Also operating in previously uncharted or constantly changing environments may have to collect information and build up a map of their surroundings using techniques such as simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM). Artificial intelligence and machine learning may also help them adapt to their surroundings.

4. Prescriptive Maintenance Solution

Edgeforce offers a prescriptive maintenance solution to improve your product's overall reliability. Prescriptive analytics can independently apply the most efficient solution to control the identified problem. These solutions include everything from automatically modifying the operation of a specific piece of equipment to alerting maintenance technicians and operating personnel about the specific actions they need to take to maintain optimal equipment effectiveness.